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Frequently asked questions...

Why would anyone Donate a Valuable Domain Name ?
What makes a Domain name Valuable ?
How much of a tax deduction can I expect ?
Which Domain Appraisal Company does the IRS Respect ?
How can you offer me a Current Market Tax Deduction ?
What causes will my domain name donation support ?
Do I get to choose a location with your Free Vacation Offer ?
What do you do with the domain names donated to you ?
Can we donate our entire Domain Name Portfolio ?
Why didn't you accept our domain name donation ?
What domain category benefits your charity the most ?
Can I can donate Text Link Advertising space on our sites ?
Can I Donate Press Releases to help your cause ?
What fees do I incur during the donation process ?
I want to buy a domain name from you, how do I pay ?
Can I donate other types of Intellectual Property ?
Can you tell me more about your Charitable Organization ?


Why do People Donate Premium Domain Names ?

The real question should be, Why wouldn't people donate a domain name! Talk about one of the best ways to benefit society and yourself. Domain names cost around $9 to $15 at the top registrars. If you were lucky enough to find an available domain that is worth much more than what you paid for it now, a tax deduction and free vacation await.

What makes a Domain name Valuable to us?

The most sought after domains, meaning people are willing to pay much more than your $10 registration fee, are domains that: have a .com or .org extension, easy to spell, cool sounding, length, eye catching, memorable, business and profit making ability. Domain Name Appraisal

How much of a tax deduction can I expect?

Your tax situation is something you MUST discuss with your accountant or tax advisor. The size of the tax deduction is determined by the current market value of the domain name, as opposed to the cost of the domain when it was purchased. Here are a few examples of domain name donation tax benefits previous tax classes have enjoyed on their minimal domain investment...

Donor Name Appraisal Tax Rate Net Cost Tax Deduction
Don $70,000 10% $63.000 $7,000
Kevin $14,,000 15% $11.900 $2,100
Josh $5,000 25% $3,750 $1,250
Sofia $235,000 28% $169,200 $65,800
Mike $110,000 33% $73,700 $36,300
Nick $670,000 35% $435,500 $234,500
Tax Deductions can be claimed over a 5 Year Period

Which Domain Name Appraisal Company is the best?

This is something you must decide yourself.. We have created a domain name appraisal page and have a few options available for you to choose from. We would suggest you call and speak with any company you choose though, to make sure they are prepared to back up their appraised value to the IRS. Domain Name Appraisal

How do you offer an Appraised Tax Deduction?

Our goal is to maximize the value our donors receive everytime. Our generous donors have entrusted us to take their domain name and translate it into funds to help thousands in need, worthy organizations, families, social service agencies and other worthy causes. We have industry contacts which allow us to get top dollar for premium domain names. We take very seriously our trustworthiness to donors and those counting on our support. You will be able to claim a Fair Market tax deduction without any worries about us just liquidating the property for pennies on the dollar.

What causes will my domain name donation support?

We are committed to helping those in need, fulfilling those needs and assisting in filling the “gaps” left by many programs. We connect those in our communities who wish to help with those who need help - Causes YOU Support

What locations are available for the Free Vacation Offer?

We currently have a few thousand great locations you can choose from with any domain name valued over $500. For those of you with premium domain names valued over $5,000 we have a limited number of Deluxe Hawaii Vacations available. Please learn more about this exciting offer here: Donate Domains - Free Vacation

What do you do with the domain names getting donated?

We either develop the domain name to benefit our program if relevant, or liquidate the domain at the price your appraisal suggests the worth is. Obviously we don't give domains to those in need like our car donation program. This is an excellent way to help us fund our programs while reaping the tax deduction.

Can we donate our entire Domain Name Portfolio?

We would be happy to look over your portfolio and work with you regarding such a generous donation. Believe it or not, this happens much more often than you might think. Not always an entire portfolio, usually domainers looking to liquidate a portion of their digital real estate portfolio praise this opportunity.

Why didn't you accept our domain name donation?

Domains that infringe on trademarks, names of celebrities and domains that have little to no value will not be accepted.

What type of domain benefits your charity the most ?

Great question. No real simple answer, anything considered a premium domain name. The most popular domain name categories are: 2-3 Character Domain Names - Automotive Domain Names - Charity Domain Names - Business Domains - Food Domains - Health Domains - Insurance Domains - Legal Domains - Music Domain Names - Technology Domains - Travel Domain Names - Go Here to Donate a Domain Name

Can we can donate Text Link Advertising space?

If you are currently selling text link ad space on your site or network of sites, we would love to talk to you! If you can verifiably prove to the IRS other website owners are paying to have a sponsored link or text link on your site, you can donate text link ads to us and enjoy the tax benefits! Besides the tax benefits, you will be helping us further our cause and help us maintain our search engine positions organically.

Can we Donate Press Releases to help your cause?

A simple answer, "yes please". Word of mouth is everything in the world of Charitable giving. We do not spend any donation proceeds on press releases or Pay per click / ppc sponsored ads, ever. If you want to help us, press releases showcasing what Giving Center does along with plugs showcasing each of the donation possibilities are invaluable (to us). The IRS needs a receipt though if you want to claim the tax deduction.  After we iron out the details and agree on the content of the press release, your payment can be considered a cash donation, and you get to see your contribution at work.

What fees do I incur during the donation process?

The only fees you will be charged will be the cost of your domain name appraisal or smarter yet, appraisals. You must submit a Domain name Appraisal to the IRS to verify your tax deduction claim. We strongly suggest using a highly respected company for your appraisal. Fortunately we have a few you can consider here: Domain Name Appraisal

I want to buy a domain name from you, how do I pay?

We accept PayPal, certified bank drafts and cash as payment for the premium domain names we get donated. All of this will be explained in detail during the purchase process.

Can I donate other types of Intellectual Property?

Yes. Any creation of the mind that has value and is able to be certifiably appraised, hence proving worth to the IRS; can be donated to our charity. Intellectual property donations such as music, artwork donations, inventions, images, copyrights, trademarks, patents, and related rights are a few examples of what you can donate. Click here to learn more and start your possible intellectual property donation.

Can you tell me who your charitable organization is?

YES, of course... Glad you asked!

Our network of Online Giving sites is owned by Giving Center EIN# 46-1883892 and With Causes...

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